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➦ Genesis: The Invisible Series box (1992) by Virgin Records. A collection of 5 CD singles


This entry contains general information about the series. Each CD single is presented in a different entry. Click details in in the table to find out more about the single.

In 1992, Virgin Records in the UK released an extraordinary cardboard box called "The Invisible Series". The box was made to fit a five individual CD singles and was originally sold with "Jesus He Knows Me" digipak CD single (Reference: GENDX 9). The box was numbered as volume five. The other four singles (volumes) customer would then have to find to complete the collection.

The remaining four singles containing, back in the day a previously unreleased live tracks, were sold separately. The price for slipcase box, along with the CD single that came with was £1.99. Each volume was then priced sometime between £2.99 and £3.99.

No Son Of Mine Volume 1 GENDG 6 Virgin 1991 Details
I Can't Dance Volume 2 GENDG 7 Virgin 1992 Details
Hold On My Heart Volume 3 GENSD 8 Virgin 1992 Details
Hold On My Heart Volume 4 GENDG 8 Virgin 1992 Details
Jesus He Knows Me Volume 5 GENDX 9 Virgin 1992 Details

All CDs has been manufactured in the UK by Nimbus factory. Note that there are two "Hold on My Heart" CD singles. This is not a mistake. These are two different CD releases. It seems like the management decided release two different "Hold on My Heart" CD singles.

The Invisible Box The Invisible Box The Invisible Box
The Invisible Box The Invisible Box The Invisible Box

The complete "Invisible Series" box. Released in the UK, in 1992, by Virgin Records.

The whole box, as far as I know, was sold shrink-wrapped with the sticker on the outside. Because I purchased the box new, I ripped the shrink wrap and the hyper sticker was removed and attached to the box. The whole box, as well as the sticker, is presented above. Please note that the barcode numbers on the sticker matches "Jesus He Knows Me" digipak single.

The series is now, obviously, long deleted. From time to time the series pop up on the on-line auction. Finding the box in good shape is much harder than the each volume. Bear in mind that the series was released only in the UK.