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➦ Genesis: I Can't Dance, 1992, Virgin  GENDG 7, 4-track digipak (Die-Cut) CD single. Special Collector Edition

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General notes

Label Virgin Records IFPI Mastering SID (details)
Not present
Distributor Virgin Records LTD. IFPI Mould SID (details) Not present
Reference GENDG 7 Matrix numbers GENDG 7 · MASTERED BY NIMBUS
Country of manufacture UK Distribution codes (details) Not present
Country of the release UK
Label Code (LC) (details) Not present
Year of release 1992 SPARS Codes (details) Not present
CD manufacturer Nimbus, UK Right society (details) Not present
CD variation No Barcode 5 012980 888726
Rear insert (print) Not present Other identifiers
665 091
Packaging Cardboard digipak Booklet 4 pages attached discography booklet

Release notes

Second volume from "The Invisible Series". The CD is manufactured by Nimbus pressing plant. The single consists of 4 tracks.

Genesis - I Can't Dance, GENDG 7 track list:

01 I Can't Dance 04:02
02 On The Shoreline 04:47
03 In Too Deep (Live) 05:28
04 That's All (Live) 04:55

Total time 18:32

"I Can't Dance" is taken from "We Can't Dance" album. "On The Shoreline", however, was omitted by the band and never released on the album. So it's a nice addition for the fan and a collector. According to the print on the label "In Too Deep (Live)" is from 1986 "Invisible Touch" tour. "That's All (Live)" is from 1983 tour.

The digipak, with a white tray, was produced by AGI Inc. by James Upton, England. This is, in my opinion, one of the nicest Genesis CD single I've ever seen. Die-cut window, folded cardboard and an extra discography booklet make it the single very appealing.

Front insert Front insert announcement

The removable insert has a reminder about volume 1. Attached band history and discography booklet is in very good quality.

The CD has two tone label. Virgin logo is on the left. The catalogue number of the single, GENDG 7, is printed underneath the logo. There is also an additional number 665 091, printed on disc and rear. MANUFACTURED IN THE U.K. is printed on label.

Disc variation

Promotional radio copy of the single exists. See separate entry.

Rarity rating

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