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Spine Front Rear Disc Matrix numbers Inserts Inserts/credits Insert/copyrights

General notes

Label Virgin Records / Charisma Records IFPI Mastering SID (details)
Not present
Distributor Virgin Records IFPI Mould SID (details) Not present
Reference CDSCD 4001 Matrix numbers CDSCD 4001 · MASTERED BY NIMBUS
Country of manufacture UK Price codes (details) Not present
Country of the release UK
Label Code (LC) (details) Not present
Year of release 1985-1986 SPARS Codes (details) Not present
CD manufacturer Nimbus, United Kingdom Right society (details) Not present
CD variation No Barcode Not present
Rear insert (print) Not present Booklet print Manufactured in the U.K
Packaging Jewel case (ball stoppers) Booklet 16 page booklet with lyrics

Release notes

Here we have a very early domestic Virgin/Charisma UK pressing. The album was released in the UK around the late 1985 or early 1986. The CD was Issued with 16 pages booklet and no barcode on the rear inlay. The catalog number of this release is CDSCD 4001. This CD was issued shortly after the West German copies were discontinued.

Disc of this release was manufactured in the UK by NIMBUS, the very first British CD pressing plant. All artwork is also printed in the UK. Insert contain information about manufacturing country, but rear inlay does not specified where is printed. The 16 pages artwork contain lyrics and graphics, in fact the booklet represents the Charisma's LP artwork. 


A Trick of the Tail Virgin/Charisma CDSCD 4010 booklet

Disc has silver label with a black text on it. If we look closely into the matrix numbers we will be able to see one "dot", just after the catalogue numbers. This little "dot" suggests that the CD is made from the very first glass master created and use to manufacture of a given disc. There is no other numbers in the matrix ring, apart of the catalogue numbers and MASTERED BY NIMBUS. Later pressings still have one "dot" and other, mechanically etched, numbers in the matrix ring.

Matrix numbers note:

I think all Nimbus discs of this CD were released with one dot in the matrix ring. Later reissues (from the 1990s) also have one dot. I would also say that mentioned dot represents use of a given mastering/glass master.

Some examples, but not necessarily applied to A Trick of the Tail CD:
  • One dot = first glass master created and use to manufacture of a given disc
  • Two dots = second glass master created (probably based on the first glass master) and use to manufacture of a given disc
  • Three dots = third glass master created (probably based on previous glass master) and use to manufacture of a given disc
  • Four and five dots = probably the last glass master discs created to manufacture of a given disc

This is speculation but I also think that once a re-issue CD has been ordered, the plant continued to used the last glass master and (by adding another dot) make the "use" o of a given master. So in theory a glass master with two dots was used, in my opinion to manufacture another re-issue CD that has three dots in the matrix ring.

However, I must admit, I have never seen A Trick of the Tail CD manufactured by Nimbus plant that has more than one dot in the matrix ring.

Copyright dates present on rear inlay show us (P) 1975 VIRGIN RECORDS LTD. and (C) 1984 CHARISMA RECORDS LTD., but this credit is taken from a very early West German copy. The manufacturing year is likely to be late 1985 or early 1986.

This album was manufactured mainly on the UK market but can be also found in other European countries, especially in Central Europe.

It should also be noted that some copies of this release were briefly distributed in Germany by ARIS (Ariola Import Services). In terms of rarity this CD should be easy to find in the UK. Overseas buyers may need some time to search it, but this is not terrible hard to find disc.

Disc variation

No variation that I know of.

Rarity rating

★  ★  ☆  ☆  ☆ 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  ➠ the CD is extremely hard to find
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  ➠ the CD is hard to find and present a challenge
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is not common and require searching
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is relatively common
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is very easy to find
Please be advised that the rarity rating is based only on my experience and may vary from others opinion. Please also consider that the CD rarity is changing. Some CD releases became more or less available over the years.