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Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight is a single by Genesis, released on vinyl and CD. The CD was released in the UK, in march 1987. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" is the second track on the 1986 album "Invisible Touch". 

There are two CD singles of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" that were released in the UK, in March, 1987 by Virgin Records:

  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, (CD Reference: Virgin Records, CDEP 1, gatefold cardboard sleeve)
  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, (CD Reference: Virgin Records, DRAW 12, gatefold cardboard sleeve)


The CDEP 1 single was released as the first and distributed in a very short period of time and quickly withdrawn. The single contain  4 tracks with "Invisible Touch", 12" Remix and "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" 12" Remix that were only available on vinyl at that time.

Genesis - Tonight... Genesis - Tonight...
  Scans are taken from Discogs

The CD was released in the UK, but some copies, was also distributed in Germany via ARIS (Ariola Import Service). ARIS CD releases was noting else like the UK CDEP 1 with additional sticker applied on rear sleeve (see scan above). The sticker contain ARIS catalogue (distribution) number and a price code for a given CD. The sticker on CDEP 1 was 658 888-200. Unstickered copies were also available, but not many went to the market due to withdrawn of the single. The reason why CDEP 1 was discontinued remain unknown. CDEP 1 was replaced by DRAW 12.


After discontinue CDEP 1 another CD single was released. The catalogue number of the single is DRAW 12. This CD single was also released in a gatefold cardboard sleeve. The four track single have printed "Includes Bonus track PAPERLATE" on front sleeve. So "Paperlate" replaced 12" version of "Invisible Touch" from CDEP 1.  Because "Paperlate" was released in 1982 a new copyright date was printed on the CD and the rear sleeve.

Tonight... Tonight..

This copy was widely distributed in Europe and became out of print by late 1987. There are no other re-issues from later years.

Please note that due to withdrawn of CDEP 1 the replaced DRAW 12 have the same barcode numbers on rear. There are also differences in discs, but I show this in a separate entries.

Both singles were manufactured in the UK by Nimbus factory, I am not aware of other CD plants involved in manufacture of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" CD single. Is also highly possible that the CD was distributed in Germany via ARIS, but I have never seen a copy with stickered tag on rear sleeve.


Currently I have 2 different CD releases of Genesis "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" CD single. All CDs are listed below. Please click on "Details" in the table to find out more about the each CD release.

The flag in the table (i.e. flag of the UK Germany) signifies the country of the CD release and NOT the country where the actual disc was manufactured.

UK CDEP 1 Virgin Records 1987 UK gatefold cardboard sleeve CD
single. Distributed by Virgin
UK DRAW 12 Virgin Records 1986 UK gatefold cardboard sleeve CD single.
Re-issue. Distributed by Virgin