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Genesis Live - Invisible Touch is a single by Genesis, released on limited edition 7", CD and the music cassette. Initial batch was released of 9 November, 1992 to support "We Can't Dance" album that originally was released 11th November, 1991.

All formats were an individually numbered up to 50,000. The CD was issued in a box and the vinyl edition in a gatefold sleeve. The music cassette was released with a nice flip top pack. Boxed CD and 7" comes with a special live photographic 12 page booklet with UK Genesis tour dates inside.

There are some differences between 7" vinyl and the CD edition.

Limited Edition 7"

The A-side ("Invisible Touch (Live)") (5:18) was recorded during the "We Can't Dance Tour" and can be also found on the live album "The Shorts". The B-side ("Abacab (Live)") was taken from the Wembley Stadium venue from the 1987 "Invisible Touch Tour".

The 7" featured an edited version of "Abacab" (faded out on 4:30), while the CD edition has a complete versions of both tracks.

Limited Edition CD box

The boxed edition CD contain the bonus track of "The Brazilian (Live)" (5:27), however, there is no indication of the bonus. The bonus track was only announced as the "bonus" on the original poster announcing the release.

A suffix "(Live)" appearing on cover the back sleeve and on the disc itself.

During live performances of "Invisible Touch", Collins substituted the line "And though she will mess up your life" with "And though she will fuck up your life". Consequently, the swear word was edited out on the single.


Currently I have 3 different CD releases of Genesis Live "Invisible Touch" CD single. I also have 7" limited vinyl edition of the single and a cassette tape.

The flag in the table (i.e. flag of the UK Germany) signifies the country of the CD release and NOT the country where the actual disc was manufactured.

UK GENDX 10 Virgin Records 1992 UK promo Radio CD single Details
UK GENDX 10 Virgin Records 1992 UK Box Set, limited numbered edition CD single Details
UK GENSC 10 Virgin Records 1992 UK limited numbered edition cassette single Details
UK GENS 10 Virgin Records 1992 Vinyl, 7" single, limited numbered edition Details
UK 35173 Virgin Records 1992 CD single, issued in a slimline jewel case Details