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This entry is devoted to Genesis. Please remember that the CD collecting is the never ending story! There is always something new to discover so I will be adding more releases frequently. For more information please check the News page. Please also note that this section is focused only on selected Genesis albums.

Genesis CDs has been issued by a few record labels. The first Genesis CD albums appeared in 1983 in Europe, United States and Japan. There are also other countries where Genesis discs has been manufactured and distributed, i.e Australia, Brazil.


Below are the Genesis albums that I have in my collection. By clicking on the picture you will be directed to a chosen album. If you decide to come back, please navigate using arrows in the entry. Each entry contains CD album releases grouped by a country.

      Duke      Invisible Touch
Turn it On Again Seconds Out Three Sides Live The Shorts The Longs

A Trick of the Tale (1976) is the first Genesis album that begins Phil Collins' era as a lead singer of the band. On The Way We Walk: The Longs (1993) ends my journey with Genesis as a band. Other albums are not in my interest.