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In 1990, when "Serious Hits...Live" has been released by Phil Collins, several record companies released limited edition picture box sets containing one Compact Disc and a VHS tape from the Berlin (Germany) concert. The concert was recorded on July 15, 1990. The VHS tape contain 2,5 hours of recording. I should also mention that European box sets were also supplied with the original colour tour book.

US Atlantic box set

box front box inside

The Atlantic box differs from the European release. The size of the box is exactly the same as the vinyl record sleeve. The box does not contain the coloured tour book. It only came with Atlantic Compact Disc, without the slipcase but with the small size booklet (Reference: 82157-2) and Atlantic/Vision Entertainment VHS tape (Reference: 50170-3). The box is closed with a flip top.

Europe European WEA/Virgin box sets

box front box complete

To save costs on production exactly the same cardboard picture box and the colour tour book was manufactured for sale in the UK and in Europe/Germany (Reference: WEA 9031 73101-2) . The difference was only in the containing media.

The UK box sets were supplied with Virgin Compact Disc, with the outer slipcase (CD Reference: PCCDX1) and Virgin/Vision VHS tape (M-C-E-G Virgin Music Video) (Reference: VVD 783).

The European/German releases were supplied with WEA Compact Disc, with the outer slipcase (CD Reference: 9031 73101-2) and WEA International Inc. VHS tape (Warner Music Vision, Reference: 9031 72728-3).

The box sets were made from the recycled cardboard and where in a size of approximately 12" x 12". This was a limited edition and available on sale for the short period of time. They were accordingly priced more than the regular CD. As far as I can tell there were only two o these released around the world.

Box sets

Below are the box sets releases that I have in collection. Currently I have 2 box sets. Please click on the REFERENCE number to get more details about each box sets.

The flag in the table (i.e. flag of Germany Europe) signifies the country of the CD release and NOT the country where the actual disc was manufactured.

Phil Collins/Title Label Reference Region Format Notes
Video And Compact Disc
Limited Edition
Vision Entertainment
50174-0 United States 1 x 5" CD
1 x VHS tape
Limited Edition box set.
Released in the United States
Serious Hits...Live!
Seriously Live In Berlin
WEA/Virgin 9031 73101-2 Europe 1 x 5" CD
1 x VHS tape
1 x coloured tour book
Limited Edition box set.
Released in the UK and Europe