Phil Collins: No Jacket Required. The UK CD releases

Territory: | Original LP/MC release: 1985 | First UK domestic CD release: 1985

"No Jacket Required" is the third Phil Collins' solo album that has been sold worldwide with over 25 million copies. The album was released in the UK 25th of January 1985 on all available media (MC, LP, CD, 8-Track Tape).

The first UK CDs were released by Virgin Records and manufactured by Nimbus CD factory (CD Reference: CDV2345). Between 1985 and 1987 "No Jacket Required" was re-pressed several times by Nimbus, in the UK.

In the 1980s, Nimbus was the only one domestic CD manufacturer of "No Jacket Required". As far as I know, there were no other domestic factories contracted to manufacture this title on the CD.

No Jacket Required 

No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345 - First UK Nimbus CD pressing, no barcode on rear sleeve

Nimbus discs have silver label with a red writing. The earliest copies had "NIMBUS ENGLAND" in the matrix ring, whereas later discs have "MASTERED BY NIMBUS". Some discs released after 1987 had a black writing on the label. Please also note that only the first pressings were released without barcode. Later copies does have barcode.


No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345 - Later UK Nimbus CD pressing, barcode on rear sleeve

In the late summer of 1987, Virgin opened a small pressing plant in London's Virgin Megastore branch basement. This was not a big operational plant, but a small example facility, where shoppers can see the manufacturing process through the glass walls. It was a quite an extraordinary idea that meant to help in sell the of CDs. At some point "No Jacket Required" was one of a many CDs that were manufactured at the store. The discs of this release have silver label and a black writing. "Virgin Megastore" appears in the matrix ring. These discs can only be purchased at the the store. Not many of these were manufactured.


No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345 - UK Virgin Megastore CD pressing

In the '90s a massive shifting in the music industry has began. At first, after selling Virgin Records to EMI Thorn, EMI factory in Swindon began to manufacture new Virgin orders that were distributed via EMI. "No Jacket Required" was manufactured, for sure, twice. The first run was held in the early 1992 and wasn't large though, but enough to cover the demand. Another run was take a place in the middle '90s, when another re-press was contracted by EMI.


No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345, 077 7 86402 2 6 - UK early EMI Swindon CD pressing


No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345, 077 7 86402 2 6 - UK mid '90s EMI Swindon CD pressing

New EMI CD releases (after Virgin was sold to EMI) continues with a new catalogue number 0777 7 86402 2 6. This is an additional EMI catalogue number. The CDs were still released under the original catalogue number CDV2345. Discs from EMI plant have silver label with a red writing. "EMI Swindon" is a part of the matrix code.


No Jacket Required, Virgin CDV2345, 077 7 86402 2 6 - Holland picture disc from 2003

When EMI Swindon factory was closed in 2002 all the existing EMI catalogue was transferred to be manufactured by EMI plant in the Netherlands. All further CD releases of "No Jacket Required" are manufactured in Netherlands by EMI factories and shown EU markings on the CD.

Since mid 2000s the Polish CD plant "Takt", located in Boleslaw, is a main supplier for EMI in Europe. It is possible that No Jacket Required CDs were also manufactured in Poland between 2005 and 2010.