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➦ Phil Collins: No Jacket Required, Atlantic U.S, 7 81240-2, Japanese JVC first CD issue (Variant A)

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No Jacket Required, spine No Jacket Required, front No Jacket Required, rear No Jacket Required, rear
No Jacket Required, insert No Jacket Required, disc No Jacket Required, matrix

General notes

Label Atlantic IFPI Mastering SID (details)
Not present
Distributor Atlantic Recording Corporation IFPI Mould SID (details) Not present
Reference 7 81240-2 Matrix numbers 81240 2 M1 E1 |
Country of manufacture Japan Price codes (details) Not present
Country of the release USA
Label Code (LC) (details) Not present
Year of release January, 1985 SPARS Codes (details) Not present
CD manufacturer JVC, Japan Right society (details) Not present
CD variation Yes Barcode 0 7567-81240-2 0
Rear insert (print) Printed in Japan Booklet/print Manufactured by JVC, Japan. Printed in Japan
Packaging Jewel case with long bar stoppers Booklet 6 page booklet without lyrics with Phil's photo

Release notes

The CD was manufactured for the official album release that was held in 25 January, 1985. This is Japanese JVC pressing CD. The disc was manufactured by JVC factory in Japan and delivered to the U.S. distributor for the official launch. This is also the CD, from the very first batch of "No Jacket Required" CDs, intended for sale in the United States.

The CD is released by Atlantic Recording Corporation and was distributed only in the United States. Album was released under catalogue number 81240-2. The catalogue number printed on spine is 7 81240-2. However, the catalogue numbers on the CD and inserts has not been changed.

The original CD release does have inserts "Printed in Japan" and smooth-sided jewel case with two long bar stops. My copy have also a tiny "10" embossed on the lower right corner, on the back of the jewel case. I also have seen examples of the same CD issue that comes with jewel case with two "dot stoppers". Other jewel case combination is possible.

embossed jewel case

The CD of this release is silver with the two, red and black rings along the disc edge. Atlantic logo appears on the left, while Compact Disc logo is on the right side of the CD. The bottom of the CD has "MADE IN JAPAN" printed along the disc edge.

Front insert has "Manufactured by JVC, Japan. Printed in Japan" on the bottom. The matrix numbers are typical for JVC discs (if you're familiar with?), however, there are machinery stamped without dashes (gaps) between digits. This significant difference means that the disc come from period, when JVC still manufactured CDs without dashes in the matrix. Later on, possibly on Spring, 1986 JVC start pressing CDs with dashes in the matrix string.

These pressings are quite difficult to find. These must have been manufactured not in a large quantity. Some sellers asking high prices for this CD, but In my opinion, these are overpriced. These discs can be found cheep.

Presented copy may need more searching. It is one of the first CDs that were released on the U.S. territory, when the album was lunched. These copies were replaced, sometime in the middle of 1985, by second batch (also manufactured by JVC, in Japan), where discs has dashes (rather than gaps) in the matrix string.

Disc variation

There is also a CD variation of this release. The only difference is the matrix numbers. I know about two discs that (I presume) were released along with presented copy. These discs have followed matrix numbers:

81240 2 M1E12
81240 2 M2E11

While looking for CDs, I like ask sellers for the matrix numbers. Japanese JVC matrix numbers have a very tiny letters (and numbers) therefore many people can't simply read them. So, the matrix numbers above can be misread by the seller, but I believe they are the existing matrix numbers.

Rarity rating

★  ★  ★  ★  ☆ 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  ➠ the CD is extremely hard to find
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  ➠ the CD is hard to find and present a challenge
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is not common and require searching
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is relatively common
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆  ➠ the CD is very easy to find
Please be advised that the rarity rating is based only on my experience and may vary from others opinion. Please also consider that the CD rarity is changing. Some CD releases became more or less available over the years.