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This entry is only for promotional CD releases that were issued during Both Sides album premiere or shortly after. All CDs has been issued to promote the album and these were released only for the radio stations and music reviewers.

Because, theses CDs were not intended for public sale, the quantity wasn't large. Over the years, these discs became harder to find. Below is the list of CDs that I was able to locate. All these CDs are part of my collection.

Phil Collins - Both Sides / Promotional CD releases

Currently I have 5 promotional CDs that were issued in U.S. , Canada and Germany.

The flag in the table (i.e. flag of Germany Germany) signifies the country of the CD release and NOT the country where the actual disc was manufactured.

Phil Collins

Europe The Story so far...
PC 001 Warner Music Int. 1993 German 5" CD Promo CD album (jewel)
US The Story so far...
PRCD 5458 S Atlantic 1994 U.S. 5" CD Promo CD album (jewel)
Canada The Story so far... phil 1 Atlantic /
Warner Music Canada
1994 Canadian 5" CD Promo CD album (jewel)
Picture disc release
US The Story (the interview disc)
PRCD 5370-2 Atlantic 1993 U.S. 5" CD Promo CD album (jewel)
Europe Both Sides An Interview Disc
PC003 WEA 1993 German 5" CD Promo CD album (jewel)