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SID Code (IFPI) guide 


The SID Code (Source Identification Code) has become the industry standard for indicating the source of optical disc mastering and replication. The SID Code has now been adopted in over 80% of the world optical disc plants. The SID Code was developed jointly in 1994, by rights owners and the optical disc industry, primarily as an anti-piracy tool. Prior to this date, SID Code wasn't appeared on a CD.

The SID Code is imprinted in the inner area of CD. The SID Code consists of the letters "IFPI", followed by either four or five additional characters (i.e. IFPI 0416), which may be alphabetical or numerical, identifying the registered number of the LBR (Laser Beam Recorder) used to make the glass master or stamper, or the registered number of the mould used to press the disc.

Because, not all plants had (or have) both mastering and replication facilities, two identification codes were introduced:

For more information please see the SID CODE implementation guide supported by Philips and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

Below is a list of SID (IFPI) Codes that are imprinted on discs from my collection. Please note, that the list below refers only to year 2000.

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