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The outer mirror band

Since Compact Disc appeared in the music stores manufacturers have used a various equipment to manufacture the CD, hence different design is present on a given disc. Over the years, using different colours and very impressive graphics the CDs has been made very exclusive.

If we are talking about discs from the early 1980s many titles were issued with different disc variations. Probably you now wondering what that means?

This is not the rule, but the same CD was often pressed by the same manufacturer with a few differences. These differences are visible if you look at the disc very carefully.

One significant difference is the outer mirror band which is also called the outer rim/ring. This variation has often been used in a "Target" releases, however in Phil Collins and Genesis discography there is also a few non-target discs that were issued with or without the outer rim.

It appears to be two type of discs with the mirror edge variation:

By saying that disc has the outer mirror band (what most collectors call), we mean that disc was issued with additional ring/rim around the disc edge. The purpose of the additional band is to make the text area more readable.

Although there are also discs issued without the outer mirror band. In this case discs haven't additional outer rim around the edge. Both variations appeared probably in the same time when the disc was manufactured.


Above example shown the difference in a "Target" disc.  First "Targets" were manufactured in 1984, although later releases (manufactured by PDO) have no outer mirror band on CD (Disc A).

Some titles from Genesis catalogue, issued as a "Target" CD (i.e. "ABACAB") has never been manufactured with the outer mirror band. "Targets" CDs with the outer mirror band, from Phil Collins and Genesis catalogue (Disc B), appeared between 1984-1985.


Later on, WEA Manufacturing factory (owned by Warner), released "non-target" CDs with the outer mirror band (Disc B from the above). I think this design was used by the factory until the late 1990s. From the mid-1990s WEA began to manufactured discs without the outer mirror band (Disc A).