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Neef, Wittingen

Neef ia a German printing company now operates under the name NEEF & STUMME & CO. GMBH. In the early 1980s the company operated under the name Neef and was one of the few companies that worked with PolyGram. The head-quarter of the Company is located in Wittingen, Germany.

In the early days of its activity, PolyGram CD plant cooperated with a several external companies contracted to print artwork for Polygram CD releases. Neef was one of the first printing companies who started printing inserts for PolyGram.

I have not found much information about the Company, but It seems that the first PolyGram CDs with inserts printed by Neef were issued in 1983. Many of early Polydor discs have been also released with inserts printed by Neef.

I also think that Neef cooperation with PolyGram was no longer than late 1984. In 1984 PolyGram began to print their own inserts, however, they still used inserts in later releases that hasn't been changed and bears Neef manufacturing name.

Also discs from another giant CD manufacturing plant from West Germany - SONOPRESS can be found with Neef inserts. They continued work with Neef up to 1986 or even longer.

Examples of inserts being printed by Neef in Wittingen (click on scan to enlarge, use arrows on keyboard to navigate)


Polydor CD release with inserts printed by Neef


Virgin Records CD release with inserts printed by Neef


PolyGram CD release with inserts printed by Neef

In Phil Collins and Genesis discography I have found just a few releases with Neef inserts. These albums were issued in late 1983.