This website is devoted to cataloguing the discography of Phil Collins and Genesis on the CD. Website has been designed mainly for the fans and collectors of Phil Collins and Genesis albums. It contains information about early and later CD releases and shows scans of the albums. Adventure of collecting began several years ago and my collection is (I believe) incomplete. I am still looking for other CD pressings.

Please note that this website does not contain information about bootlegs or a fake CDs (with a few exceptions). I collect only a legitimate CD releases. I do not own any remastered CDs from Definitive Edition Remasters series. My collection is focused on an early CD releases from the 1980s through year 2000. Other CD releases are not in my interests.

Please also note that Peter Gabriel's era with Genesis is not present on this website. I only focus on Phil Collins and his input into Genesis. Please also do not request MP3 files or other formats off my collection.

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